E-Max Crowns

Here at Maycroft Dental Practice we have undertaken an audit of all the various ceramic materials on the market. We have concluded that ‘ IPSe.max®’ provides the best cosmetic and functional solution.

Consequently, when discussing different types of crowns, we will tend to recommend an IPS e.max® for these reasons.

IPS e.max® is a full contoured, pressed lithium disilicate restoration that features a variety of design options, high strength and aesthetics


Anterior or Posterior?

A dental crown may be needed in the following situations:

IPS e.max® uses the strongest pressable glass ceramic ingot available with a flexural strength of 400 MPa. So it’s strong enough for the posterior (back of the mouth). If it’s aesthetics your looking for, different opacities and techniques make it possible to assure a great appearance, for the front of the mouth (anterior).

Processing Technique – Milled or Pressed?

The restoration can be processed in differing ways. CAD/CAM design and wax milling provide accuracy. Pressed technology delivers the maximum flexural strength available.

Crown or Bridge?

IPS e.max’s® versatility of design can deliver both bridges and crowns. Available for 3-unit bridges to the 2nd premolar.

Veneer or Thin Veneer?

The lithium disilicate material can be pressed as thin as 0.3mm and is an excellent option for minor aesthetic updates.

Inlay / Onlay?

IPS e.max® can also be used instead of a filling, as a high strength, aesthetic inlay. Alternatively, if your tooth is more broken down, it can be used as an onlay to replace the cusp(s).


Standard Price for E-Max Onlays and Crowns is £475- £525 per unit, discounts available for multiple units.